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Yeh Vaada Raha Season 1 TV Serial wiki:
Yeh Vaada Raha is a very popular Indian TV sequence that began on Sept 21, 2015 and is currently broadcasting on Zee TV.

Yeh Vaada Raha Season 1 TV Serial Story and Plot:
Survi is brought up by only one dad Shrikant. She is older, accountable 9-year-old lady who believes rationally. Karthik, however, is a idiotic and energetic 19-year-old guy. Kartik’s family associates comprises of his mom (Lata), sis (Shanti), his dad (Digambar a.k.a. Bhau), auntie (Kamla a.k.a. Tai) and their kids (Hema, Bindu & Aniket). But in an regrettable occasion, Digambar is taken by cops officers and Kamla places fault on Shrikant for that. She marriage vows vengeance against him and Survi, so they need to run away to Dubai whereas Karthik guarantees Tai that he will deal with her and her family associates. After 4 decades, Karthik has converted wealthy and he chooses to carry Survi in his home as he has an excellent regard for Shrikant. He guarantees Shrikant that he will deal with Survi. Survi goes into Barve House, but Tai is contrary to that choice. Soon, she begins to build a lot of problems for her. Survi gets conscious of Tai’s wicked objectives and also gets to know that she only wants Karthik’s residence. Tai says to Survi that she will not do anything to Karthik if she goes away from their life. Survi confirms and she results in Karthik. But when Lata gets to know about Tai, Tai drives her from a link and places at mistake on Survi. Karthik begins to have a hate on her. After 8 years, Karthik has transformed into a cool hearted individual due to Survi’s what is known as disloyality. Survi has also expanded up and she is a health professional now. She needs cash for Shrikant’s surgery treatment, so she chooses to take help from Tai. In this procedure, she satisfies Karthik also, but he doesn’t identifies her. On the other side, Aniket drops for each other with Survi. After a group of occurrences, Karthik identifies Survi and he begins to lead to further issues for her. But when Karthik gets to know, Survi was not behind the incident of Lata, he begins to really like her again. On the day of Survi and Aniket’s marriage, Aniket destinations and to secure Survi’s pride, Karthik marries her instead. Survi now programs to show Tai. After having difficulties a lot, she is successful in revealing Tai. Instead of throwing her out of the home, Karthik titles all his residence on Tai’s name. Karthik begins to operate as a auto mechanic. A new lady known as, Meher, goes into their lifestyle. Meher is a psychological lady, who crazily drops for each other with Karthik. When Tai gets to know about her, she chooses to use Meher to individual Karthik and Survi. Meher’s sibling, Ranveer also goes into the story. He is very taking care of Meher. Meher intentionally marries Karthik, but Karthik and Survi performs their activity here also. Survi gets expecting. After unpleasant Karthik and Survi a lot, Meher and Ranveer gets caught. But a topic strikes Tai and she drops her storage. Tai’s forgetfulness was just a dilemma. Survi provides a little girl and titles her Kushi. But before Survi recognizes Khushi, Tai kidnaps her by the help of a kidnapper. The kidnapper provides a fabric blood vessels spots. Karthik and Survi places fault on each other of Khushi’s reduction of life and they get divided again. In the practice, the kidnapper unintentionally arms Khushi in Survi’s side. Survi chooses to apopt the child and again titles her Khushi. After Seven years, Khushi has expanded up and is experiencing Survi. She is still unidentified that Khushi is her own little girl. Khushi satisfies with Karthik many periods and they begin to build a connection with each other. When Tai gets to know Khushi is Survi and Karthik’s little girl, she chooses to use her and build a rift between Karthik-Survi. Khushi’s identification gets exposed and Karthik and Survi again have a battle in this. But Survi makes Karthik recognize that it was not her mistake beforr 7 many also reveals Tai. Karthik and Survi gets u. s. again. Tai is caught but she is not silent. Karthik activities with a strange lady, Iccha. Aniket likes Iccha and wants to get married to her. Karthik believes that Iccha is a soul as she always frightens Karthik. But Survi gets to know about Iccha and she reveals her. But Tai makes Karthik, psychologically pushed and he begins to think that Tai is his mom. Also, Karthik’s most loved double sibling, Krishna returns and for a few months, he also makes issues. Tai gets pressured with Survi and Karthik and tries to destroy them. But instead, people of family associates members except Khushi passes away. Tai stabs Survi and in medical center, Khushi guarantees Survi that she will take good proper care if psychologically deranged Karthik. Season 1 finishes here.View more for the for the Yeh Vaada Raha Season 2.


Yeh Vaada Raha Season 1 TV Serial General Details:
Complete Show Name:- Yeh Vaada Raha Season 1
Tv Channel Name:- Zee TV
Director:- Harak Sawant, Mahesh Pandey
Producer:- Deepak Kumar Bhagat, Mahesh Pandey, Vikas Seth
Writer:- Vivek Behl, Mahesh Pandey, Sanjay Sekhar
Production company:- N/A
Language:- Hindi
Genre:- Romance, Drama, Revenge
Launch Date of the show:- September 21, 2015
Timing of the show:- 10:00PM, Monday to Friday
Repeat Telecast:Update Soon
Replacing Serial: Not Know

Yeh Vaada Raha Season 1 TV Serial Schedule/Timing:
Show Timings: 10:00PM, Monday to Friday

Yeh Vaada Raha Season 1 TV Serial Star-Cast:
Ankush Arora
Sonal Vengurleka
Roshni Walia
Harbandana Kaur
Rinku Karmarkar
Bharat Singh Jadon Aniket Digambar Barve
Ajay Paul Singh
Pankaj Vishnu
Jinal Jain
Rashmi Gupta
Almas Ali
Shashank Mishra
Gaurav Bajpai
Amit Phatak
Madhavi Gogate / Radhika Vidyasagar
Sehrish Ali
Vaishali Takkar
Ankit Raizada
Vaishali Thakkar
Ankitta Sharma
Yash Tonk
Prasad Barve
Tamannah Deepak
Abhiyan Singh
Soni Singh
Vikas Sethi
Vaishnavi Dhanraj

Promo and First Look of TV Serial Yeh Vaada Raha Season 1 :

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Yeh Vaada Raha Season 1 TV Serial Official Website: www.ozee.com/shows/yeh-vaada-raha
Yeh Vaada Raha Season 1 TV Serial Official Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yeh_Vaada_Raha_(TV_series)

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