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Top 10 Best Dance India Dance Participants Contestants Forever

Dance India Dance is one of the most well-known and powerful dance Programme across the world. Most of the increasing experts try for taking part once in the show in order offer his skills over occurs. This particular display has already finished five seoson repeatedly from the year of 2009 to 2015 and so far has given outstanding dancing celebrities to the world. A particular competitors has always a champ, does not mean the other members do not well are entitled to. The athletes up and other members are also equivalent skilled, though some deficiency of demonstration on the day of efficiency made them out one by one from the fight.

The lifestyle of dance and design varies several types such as hip-hop, modern, salsa, traditional, Bollywood, kalarippayattu, samba, jives and much more. The structure of this particular dance show presented to consist of tryouts and different main stages to choose the members across the whole country. The age groups of the members are restricted to 15 years to 25 years.  After selecting the members of the people season, the experts or the dance choreographers used to give coaching to them.

Numerous types of dance like ball room dancing, acrobatics, darkness dancing, mid-air dancing, dancing etc have been qualified to the members. Most judges or choreographers of the show DID were Remo D’Souza, Geeta Kapoor, and Terence Lewis. Later they have been changed by Mudassar Khan, Feroz Khan, Shruti Merchant, Punit Pathak, and Gaiti Siddiqui. The Dance India Dance show has gained the attraction to maximum TRP among all other reality show of latest time in Indian TV channel.

Here is the list of 10 best dancers of Dance India Dance championship. You can find the details about your favourite dancer here

Salman Yusuff Khan:

Salman Yusuff Khan

Salman is the contestant of the first season of DID and also the champ of that season. He is obviously one of the best performers of this show. He began all common dancing types during the show, such as hip hop, salsa, modern, jive, samba and much more. By trying all outstanding efficiency, he amazed the most judges and as well as the viewers. He raised the award by reducing all other 18 performers of this season. This show has moved the size of reputation from the very first season. The ending of this show took place on 30 May 2009 and he became the champ of the first season.

Alisha Singh:

Alisha Singh
She was one of a stunning woman who surprised the listeners during all year by her overall performance. Nevertheless, she was not able to generate the award but she won the heart of most judges. She conducted almost all types and types of dances such as Bollywood design, salsa, and samba, modern, jazz music and much more. Terms are not just ideal to explain her efficiency. Her name has been taken as one of the most achieved performers of all the DID Season.

Shakti Mohan:

Shakti Mohan
Shakti Mohan was the name of such skilful performers among all participants of season 2 who completed the show as being the champion of 2010 version. She tried many types of dances such as modern, jazz music, hip-hop, Bollywood design, salsa and plenty more. This season was organised by the skilled anchor Saumya Tandon with Jay Bhanushali. She won the fight by beating all other participants one by one and is able to create her name in fantastic terms in the record of Dance Indian Dance. Her intense attempt surprised all the most judges and Huge Expert along with the TV viewers.

Dharmesh Yelande:

Dharmesh Yelande
Dharmesh is the name of such entertainer who surprised all the single viewers with his dreadful and diligent efficiency. He was one of most difficult challenges of DID season 2. He also implemented several types of dances like jazz music, breakdance, hip hop, modern, jive, salsa, and much more to astound the listeners. He did not raise the award by a slim edge though his attempt and sophistication have always been unforgettable.

Rajasmita Kar:

Rajasmita Kar
Rajasmita Kar was that amazing professional dancer of DID season 3 who completed her period by raising the award. She was one of most difficult participants among all 18 artists who concentrated on various dancing types such as jazz music, Bollywood style, salsa, modern, hip hop and lots more. She amazed most judges, Huge Expert and viewers with her every single efficiency. She provided a hard fight on the ending on Twenty fourth Dec 2011 and announced as the champ by beating another worthy contestant.

Pradeep Gurung:

Pradeep Gurung
He completed his session as being the athletes of DID season 3. He aims the types of jazz music, modern, salsa, hip hop, break dancing, jive and much more. Though he was not able to won the headline, he was similarly skilled as the champ. During the whole year, he won the center of thousand Indians and judge’s center by his intense efficiency.

Shyam Yadav:

Shyam Yadav
He was the champion of the DID season 4 which was organised by Jay Bhanushali and Ishita Sharma and judged by a new board for the very new such as Feroz Khan, Mudassar Khan, and Shruti Vendor. Shyam won the headline by beating all other worthy participants of the same year.

Manan Sachdeva:

Manan Sachdeva
Manan was the head of DID season 4 who may not become the champ but won the heart of millions. The ending took place on 22 Feb 2014 and he was announced as the runners-up. He taken out various dancing types of modern, jazz music, hip-hop, salsa etc during the whole year.

Proneeta Swargiary:

Proneeta Swargiary
Proneeta is the champ of DID season 5. She was also among one of the very achieved performers of all season. She is the only fan of Madhuri Dixit and goals to become a effective choreographer one day.  She is announced as the champ on 11th Oct 2015 on the day of the day of the Finale.

Anila Rajan:

Anila Rajan
She is one of the excellent performers of Dance India Dance of all year. Though she gets removed from competitors before the ending, but surprised the most judges and viewers by her unbelievable efficiency.

Thus with all unbelievable efficiency and works, this dance reality show has become the most anticipated and effective event of the latest time.

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