India Ke Mast Kalandar TV Reality Show
India Ke Mast Kalandar TV Reality Show
India Ke Mast Kalandar Reality Shows TV Shows

India Ke Mast Kalandar TV Reality Show Wiki, Star Cast, Judges, Host, Story, Promo & Timings

India Ke Mast Kalandar TV Reality Show wiki:
India Ke Mast Kalandar is a brand new reality show on SAB TV which is based on reality talent hunt.

India Ke Mast Kalandar TV Reality Show Story and Plot:
SAB TV present India Ke Mast Kalandar Show 2018. Its Reality show for Talented person if you are a extra ordinary talent like performing, mimicry, performing, or anything else so you are welcome to the India’s most entertaining show India Ke Mast Kalandar.

India Ke Mast Kalandar TV Reality Show
India Ke Mast Kalandar TV Reality Show

India Ke Mast Kalandar TV Reality Show General Details:
TV Show Name :-India Ke Mast Kalandar
India Ke Mast Kalandar Reality Show Producer by :- Update Soon
India Ke Mast Kalandar Reality Show Director by :- Update Soon
India Ke Mast Kalandar Reality Show Written by :- Update Soon
India Ke Mast Kalandar Reality Show Distributor by :- Update Soon
India Ke Mast Kalandar Reality Show Location :- India
TV Channel Name: – SAB TV
Launch Starting Date :- 21th July 2018
Days :– Satuday – Sunday
Timing:- 08.00pm
Genre :- Reality Show
Language :– Hindi

India Ke Mast Kalandar TV Reality Show Schedule/Timing:
Show Timings: Satuday – Sunday, 08.00pm

India Ke Mast Kalandar TV Reality Show Star-Cast/Host:
Mika Singh
Geeta Kapoor

India Ke Mast Kalandar TV Reality Show Mentors/Judges:
Mika Singh
Geeta Kapoor

India Ke Mast Kalandar TV Reality Show Audition & Registration:
The display show India Ke Mast Kalandar is looking for participants who can create the audiences have a good laugh with their exclusive skills either by doing an performing, mimicry, performing, or anything else. To become a contestant of the India Ke Mast Kalandar display show 2018, all members have to fill up the India Ke Mast Kalandar signing up type 2018 and then publish videos which is presenting their exclusive comedian act on SonyLIV. Simply select the register button to get the on the online form.

If you are looking to participate in India Ke Mast Kalandar Reality Show, then you will have to register your self at and upload your video with all other required details. You can participate as Individual, Duet or in Group. Best of Luck in Advance.

Eligibility for the India Ke Mast Kalandar Audition 2018:

  • All people who are thinking to apply for this show, they must be citizens of India and must have a valid nationality proof like passport, PAN Card, Ration Card, Aadhar Card etc. and the Participant shall produce such documents on the request.
  • All the Participants should be of sound mind and health. Apart from this, they must not be disqualified by law or have any criminal record. Only the fresh people are eligible to apply for this show.
  • All the Participant must be of Indian origin (who can participate after being registered).
  • The India Ke Mast Kalandar registrations start from 9th June 2018 and open till 1st July 2018
  • The Participant must upload a video of him/her in which he/she is performing a comic act as per the following specifications.
  • The India Ke Mast Kalandar Audition 2018 Video may consist of any original comic act of the Participant. However, the Audition Video must consist of the Participant performing clearly. No humming is allowed.
  • Dialogues in the Audition Videos should be in Hindi only.

Promo and First Look of TV Reality Show India Ke Mast Kalandar :

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